Meth Shack!

Heisenberg & The Bb 52’s
From Left: Carlie Rebelez, Nick Rivera, Llana Barron
Copyright 2013 numbir9 films.
Walter White aka Heisenberg as Portrayed by Nick Rivera in “Meth Shack”
Llana Barron and the creative minds at numbir9 films have teamed up yet again for a Breaking Bad music video parody! “Meth Shack” was modeled after the hit song, “Love Shack” by The B52’s. The song’s new and original lyrics were written by Barron, who is a huge fan of the show. Breaking Bad, AMC’s multi-Emmy winning television series starring Bryan Cranston, will be ending its run this September, but the show’s powerful plot lines and incredible acting will never be forgotten.

“Meth Shack” is a silly interpretation of some of the more memorable moments from the show. It includes familiar characters like Walter White, aka Heisenberg and his “cooking” buddy, Jesse.

In this comical depiction, Heisenberg also happens to be the lead singer of the Bb 52’s (Bb, of course, stands for Breaking Bad). Heisenberg and the Bb 52’s, portrayed by Nick Rivera, Llana Barron, and Carlie Rebelez, along with some friends – and even some enemies (Gus Fring, Hank) – sing us a story about cooking up that famous “Blue Ice” crystal meth in an old RV in the middle of the desert.

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